<![CDATA[Mens Smoking Jackets | Mens Velvet Robe - Mens Velvet Robe]]>Tue, 29 Dec 2015 13:39:07 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Mens Velvet Robe]]>Tue, 02 Dec 2014 05:30:34 GMThttp://dukeanddigham.weebly.com/mens-velvet-robe1/mens-velvet-robeCelebrities, television and movies stars, we have seen them all dressed in classy and sexy bathrobes that add to their overall personality. As a matter of fact, we have often seen them wearing nothing more than a robe. Mens Velvet Robe have always been extremely popular not only amongst the male fraternity but among those woman who want to gift something unique to the man of their life. However, what is extremely important is how the robe is tied. The openings should never gap or slide and the tie is simply in a perfect knot resembling a piece of artwork in its intricacy. Looking attractive in a bathrobe is no more the secret of the celebrities and stars. All that you are needed to do is plan and follow a few directions carefully. Following are the few steps to tie a velvet robe properly. 
  • Slip arms into the robe’s sleeves and settle it uniformly on your shoulders.  The seams of shoulder should be evenly and flat laid on shoulders. 
  • Next, drape the left half of the velvet robe around body towards right. You might notice a tie or ribbon inside the robe’s right side or on the end of the left robe. Now, you are just required to bring these ties together and knot them in the shape of bow, thus securing the left robe cosily to body.
  • Now you are just required to bring the right robe around body towards the left and then grasp it in place with left elbow.
  • Hold outer robe’s each end and tie it with one hand. Remember that tie should be free of holds and smooth around your body. 
  • Pass the end of left tie over the end of right tie. Pass the end of the left tie through and over the loop and pull both ends tightly.  Now the end of left tie will be over the loop while the right tie end of the tie goes down through the loop’s bottom half.
  • Fold the tie’s left end in such a way that it hangs besides the right end with both sash ends hanging adjacent to each other.
  • Last, take the left tie and cross it above the top of the end of the other tie.  Bring the first tie’s end through and under this cross. Pull the end of both ties. One end will appear on the left while other on the right.  

Following the above slated step, you can easily tie Mens Velvet Robe.
Mens Velvet Robe